Floral Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Mother's Day Floral Gift

Flowers have a large number of meanings. They symbolize beauty, magnificence and love. I would like to give my mom flowers on Mother’s day to show her, what she means to me.  But flowers will wilt and end up in the trash. I want to give her something to remember. So I decided to make a handmade gift.

Level of difficulty: easy
You will need:

  • white or painted cardbord
  • plastic flowers
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors or cutter
  • a ribbon, if you like to hang it up

supplies flower heart

 1. First cut out any shape you like. If the cardbord is thick, it is easier to use a cutter. But it works also with (kitchen) scissors and it’s safer. Don’t forget the holes for the ribbon.

cut out cardbord heart2. Then cut off the flower heads and leaves. It’s best to sort the flowers before starting. I made  3 groups: big, medium and small flowers.

cut the flowers3. In the first place use the hot glue gun to pin the big leaves and flowers to the cardbord. A normal glue stick would not be enough, because the flowers would’t stick together.

glue big blossoms4. To cover free spaces, use small leaves. Try to place them unter the big flowers.
Little leaves5. In the end use the small flowerheads to complete your work.

small flowersBasically you can choose your favourite colors for the flowers. I used primarily white and pastel colors. To enhance the contrast I used green leaves and dark pink roses. Just try it out and make your own color combinations!

flower heart finishFinally I attached a ribbon to the flowerheart. I hope your moms will like your creations 😀