Christmas Tree for Students


Christmas is coming!
Christmas lights, mistletoe, hot chocolate and in no case a Christmas Tree should be missed. Decorating the Christmas Tree is one of the funniest Christmas traditions for kids and adults. To buy a tree on a local Christams Tree farm can be really expensive. So, I want to show you how you can make your own special Christmas Tree for little money.

Christmas Tree for 11€

I had to buy everything new for my Christmas Tree. Depends where you live and what you already have, the price can vary. Maybe your grandma has an old vase or you already have gift ribbons and Christmas ornaments. My purchase list looked like this:

  • Christmas Tree branches – 1€
  • Vase – 3€
  • Christmas ornaments – 1,5€
  • Gift ribbon – 1€
  • Craft glue – 1€
  • Christmas decoration – 1,50€
  • Decoration glitter – 0,75€
  • Powder snow – 1€

Total : 10,75€



Working Steps
  1. spreading out the glue on the vase
  2. sprinkling the powder snow
  3. attaching the gift ribbon and Christmas decoration
  4. revoming the fir needles from the lower part of the branches
  5. arranging the branches in the vase
  6. decorating the Christmas Tree with ornaments
  7. I used a “Snow Spray” to create the effect of snow, but you can also use powder snow or powdered sugar
12386573_989647644430186_1060078357_nBe creative and happy Christmas to you and your family!