Gift Idea for Your Boyfriend – Survival Kit

Survival Kit Gift Box

There are few days/weeks left until his birthday and you are thinking about what to buy for him …  A new watch? No, he has already five watches. Maybe his favourite game? No, it is already preordered. I don’t know what about you, but for me, it is difficult to find a good present for a guy. I don’t really know

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Double Exposure Portraits for Beginners


I found a lot of tutorials about double exposure effects in the internet. Probably 99% of them show how to make this effect using the masking technique. So I searched for a simpler way to combine two portrait photos and I want to show you my results. After this tutorial you should be able to make double exposure portraits in

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Christmas Tree for Students


Christmas is coming! Christmas lights, mistletoe, hot chocolate and in no case a Christmas Tree should be missed. Decorating the Christmas Tree is one of the funniest Christmas traditions for kids and adults. To buy a tree on a local Christams Tree farm can be really expensive. So, I want to show you how you can make your own special

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Floral Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Mother's Day Floral Gift

Flowers have a large number of meanings. They symbolize beauty, magnificence and love. I would like to give my mom flowers on Mother’s day to show her, what she means to me.  But flowers will wilt and end up in the trash. I want to give her something to remember. So I decided to make a handmade gift. Level of

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How to create an “Hipster triangle Wallpaper”

original background

Level of difficulty: easy You will need:  image editing programm – I used for this tutorial. It’s free and it has all necessary functions. high resolution photo – If you don’t find a photo with the same resolution as your screen, then take a photo as large as possible. About 3500×2000 pixels should be enough to fit your screen.

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